Bringing Out The Resident Lion in Each Child

• Simba Youths: Primarily made up of talented youths in sport teams across the world, primarily, Africa. Every youth has that resident lion and Prime Youth Empowerment Foundation connects Winners Circle with Simba Youth through travel exchange programs, and peer to peer motivational speeches. Youths shares common goals, and challenges created by their environment.

• Bido Youths: Primarily made of youths with no strong educational background, no sports experience, and surrounded by challenges of poverty. Educational and health training, and support are provided to these youths. Entrepreneurial programs and trainings for new businesses are established. We will partner with existing Ngo’s on the host countries to accomplish the goal of Bido Youths.

Winners Circle

Winners Circle: Made of smart, cultured, talented and youth. We connect these youths and most volunteer to become peer leaders. They are our online watchdogs and they help other youths to stay in school and avoid failure. They understand today’s youth problems, and they form a community to address them.

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