We Have A Diverse and Talented Team

Our team is made up of  several volunteers, including teenagers and young adults that contribute to make our society and schools a better place.

They are experienced in sports, peer leadership, and motivational speaking. Our team have a special love for today's youth, and they intervene from their daily interactions with their friends, to the hidden walls of the internet.

"Empowering One Youth At A Time"


Crystal Ezuma

Executive Director & CEO

Ms Crystal as fondly called, views PrimeYEF as a divine calling. Crystal saw the need to start a youth program, after observing that a lot of kids are withdrawing from school, committing suicide, dropping out of sports due to lack of funds, and at the same time, receive long term sentences from the Court system. The most vivid experience was watching some kids that grew up in the same neighborhood as her kids become suicidal, including one that committed suicide at the 8th grade level. When it happened again at the 9th grade level, she thought, something must be done. Why should these kids change overnight, what's going on? Crystal realized that, in spite of childhood and adolescence changes, there is a resident good that must be tapped in each child. Instead of keeping calm, she decided to start a program that not only intervenes in the lives of kids across America, but as far as Africa.

Crystal is passionate about youths, and has volunteered hundreds of hours tutoring kids in  Chemistry and Maths. As a double major graduate, specializing in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Georgia, Athens, USA; Crystal takes education seriously and encourages kids to strive to perfection. She is also an ardent business woman, an insurance executive, with a Masters of Business education, sitting at the board of several businesses. Crystal finds time out of her busy schedule to volunteer at PRIMEYEF, her church and other groups. She develops business programs, and HR training for youths, giving free advise on how to perform in an interview, and get hired in the process.
She has 3 children, who contribute immensely to the development of PRIMEYEF.




Cori is the Director of Communications and social affairs. She is highly experienced in running non profits, and she has raised several shoes for poor children. Cori is a sweetheart, and has a Golden heart for Teenagers. She volunteers with kids basketball, and never ceases to listen to any one that has something to say.



Coordinator -Sports and Media

Bari is a solid young man with a radio voice. He volunteers his  time at PrimeYEF coaching and organizing. He is so passionate about the vision of PrimeYEF



Youth Cordinator-PrimeYef Africa

Joy Whyte is PrimeYEF Africa Youth coordinator.  She is very passionate about PrimeYEF goals in Africa. She is a school teacher by profession and invests a lot of time in training and hosting youth activities.

The directors at Prime Youth comes with a wealth of experience, from Business Management, to tutoring,  to volunteering with youth sports and programs, to serving several children and young adult in other non profit organization and ministries.