What is our goal in the long run?

Prime Youth Empowerment Foundation is established to provide mentoring and educational opportunities to youths from middle school through high school, and young adulthood years. The program will target and create partnerships with schools, worship centers, community centers, depending on the geographical location it is situated in.

Each geographical location has programs that are needs specific and targeted. The end is to promote balanced youths and healthy society.

"The suicide rate for girls ages 15 to 19 doubled from 2007 to 2015, when it reached its highest point in 40 years, according to the CDC. The suicide rate for boys ages 15 to 19 increased by 30 percent over the same time period."

How it Works?

Needs are identified, and mentorship is individually provided through peer to peer connections, or professionally referred.

North American Initiative:
Prime Youth Empowerment Foundation will set up three mentoring programs and 1 exchange project in North America:
• Impact me: At risk middle and high school students and their mentors participate in a structured program of support.
• Fished Out: engages youth that feels left out, bullied, or unloved. Fished Out Youth volunteers pledge to recognize their at risk friends at school and social media. They recommend them for intervention, and choose to treat them with respect. They pledge to be different by offering positive words and support, and denouncing bullying practices. #pledgetobedifferent. Fished out is meant to reduce the high teen suicide rates.
• Winners Circle: Provides support to existing sports organization, organizes motivational speakers for the youths, provides scholarship programs through fundraising for kids that cannot afford to play or participate in sports.
• Alabaster Closet: Provides a platform for clothes and shoes exchange. Youths from single parent and poor homes that cannot afford clothes, and shoes will be given the opportunity to exchange their old clothes for newer, or fairly used clothes in exchange for community and volunteer service.

African Initiative:
Prime Youth Empowerment Foundation’s initiative in Africa will be tailored towards educational, health training, and Entrepreneurship programs.
• Simba Youths: Primarily made up of talented youths in sport teams across Africa. Every youth has that resident lion and Prime Youth Empowerment Foundation shall connect Winners Circle with Simba Youth through travel exchange programs, and peer to peer motivational speeches. Youths shares common goals, and challenges created by their environment.
• Bido Youths: Primarily made of youths with no strong educational background, no sports experience, and surrounded by challenges of poverty. Educational and health training, and support shall be provided to these youths. Entrepreneurial programs and trainings for new businesses shall be established. We will partner with existing Ngo’s on the host countries to accomplish the goal of Bido Youths.
• Clean Water Initiative: Water is one of our greatest projects. Most Youths especially girls have to fetch water during school hours or in the wee hours of the morning for family use, causing them to drop out of school. They sometimes get water from infested streams subjecting them to cholera and Guinea worm infestation. Recognizing needed areas, and providing clean water through partnership and donations, is a great cause to keep the kids free from water borne diseases, and spare needed time for youth education.
• Mary’s Closet: Provides free clothes and shoe donations to poor youths. Provides sports accessories such as soccer, goal posts, basketballs, and Jerseys to poor teams. Promotes friendships through sports and encourages healthy competition through sports. Youths are thought that “it’s okay to lose.”
• The Grown Challenge: Provides free computer training, job training services, or path to business ownership for young high school graduates that could not afford college, or young college graduates under 26, that could not locate employment. They are provided with clothes for interview, coached on customer services, and interview skills. The Grown Challenge participants that will like to be business owners are connected with volunteer business men and women that will mentor them on trades and skills.

You may donate your time, volunteer and become a youth mentor. We need coaches for numerous free activities we organize, which are geared towards education, character development and improving the total being.

You can sponsor a neighborhood shoe drive, donate to our clean water project, and sponsor a youth sports in Africa. You can also sponsor a youth for post graduate training in preparation for the work force.

Quick Stats Of Our Progress

Coaches and anyone that wants to make a difference is wanted. Positively minded youths who are experienced in becoming role models are strongly desired. Donate to a clean water project, sponsor a neighborhood shoe drive, sponsor a sports event in Africa, refer graduating youths to our readiness programs for corporate and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Refer youths to our facebook, Instagram, and Twitter page. Raise the awareness, and may be we can make a difference.